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Procedure of property purchase in Cyprus

The actively developing Cyprus real estate market is a promising place for investments in the acquisition of residential and commercial properties. Prime Property Group will help You to take into account all the nuances for those persons, who has decided to follow this way, but still wondered "How to buy a property in Cyprus?". What should be the first step?

Step 1 – Selection

Like any other business, the buying procedure begins with a choice, namely with the selection of suitable objects. To narrow down searching process among a huge number of different proposals, it is necessary to determine the basic parameters:

  • The future purchase budget corridor – the price borders which You are ready to move
  • Location – priority cities and areas where the property must be located (in descending order, if there are several areas)
  • Landmarks: an active urban center, a quiet suburb, a village (remoteness from the city center in minutes of drive), a completely isolated corner of the countryside
  • Whether You need sea or mountain views
  • Property type: apartments (with garden, without), villa, penthouse, townhouse, duplex, studio, bungalow, commercial
  • All information concerning the approximate project plan of the object – number of rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, the desired area: general and separate for each room, etc

  • All necessary infrastructure availability and proximity: shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, main roads, airports
  • Stage: new building, secondary market, project state

So, thus giving the most complete description of the future acquisition, You have two next options.

Option 1 – Independent search in the catalog

At this stage, if You wish, You can, without the participation of our specialists, review the objects (presented on our website) in the selected category, using convenient navigation, to optimize the search by sorting out the request for the city, real estate type, price, number of bedrooms, availability of certain additional options. Here You can see the exact location of the selected building on the map, using "Show on map" button – upper right corner of the page. Each proposal You are interested in can be opened, studied in more detail, including photos, descriptions. Analyzing the advantages of the objects You like, the Favorites and Compare functions will be irreplaceable.

Option 2 – Using help of PPG Managers

You can also orient yourself among plenty proposals by recourse to the Prime Property Group staff. You can call us on numbers listed above and in the Contacts section, order a callback, write an email or ask questions in online chat. Whichever option You choose, the next step is a study tour, where You can personally inspect all the objects that You are interested in, accompanied by our company competent employee.

Step 2 – Trial Trip

For more detailed studying of all the options for a future purchase, having approved the preliminary program of the visit and agreeing on other main points (booking a hotel or making a short-term lease contract for a temporary accommodation place, settling questions about the documentation required for a trip), You can go on an orientation tour.

Citizens of Russia and Ukraine can enter the territory of Cyprus by electronic pro-visa. Conditions for obtaining it:

  1. Entry is possible only by plane (only via Larnaca, Paphos airports) directly from the Russian Federation territory (for Russians), Ukraine (for Ukrainians), and the return trip can be anywhere in the world.
  2. Pro-visa is issued for 90 days, You can visit the country in this way once in 6 months.
  3. Requirements for the passport: validity – more than 6 months, the child separate passport availability.
  4. For Russians, You can fill out the questionnaire on the following links:; for Ukrainians – download at:, fill out and send by email.
  1. Pro-visa must be printed for presentation at the airport.

The advantages of this visa kind obtaining:

  • Free
  • Terms from 1 to 3 working days per electronic mailbox, without mandatory visit to the consulate
  • No need to collect letters of employment, book accommodation, tickets, take photos
  • At your request filling out and sending out questionnaires for visa obtaining can be taken by our Employee

We are often asked: is it possible to visit Cyprus using the Schengen visa? This is possible, but there is a certain condition – Russians and Ukrainians using this visa must have already visited at least one country. For citizens of other countries it is necessary to obtain a guest or tourist visa.

Step 3 – Conclusion of the preliminary contract

The tour was successful, the final choice was made, what's next? Then we should conclude a preliminary contract, which allows the buyer to reserve the selected option (usually for a period of up to 1 – 1.5 months), and make a reservation deposit, which is 1–2% of the object value. At this stage, the transaction legal purity is also checked and its final conditions are agreed.

The licensed lawyer can be entrusted with the verification of documents and property, preparation and agreement of the contract.

Step 4 – Opening an account with a Cypriot bank

From this bank all the payments will be made to the object seller. To open account quickly, You can use lawyer help. The account will also be needed if You decide to pay for the purchase through a mortgage loan. These questions can also be entrusted to experienced Prime Property Group employees.

Step 5 – Preparation of the sale contract

When the preparatory stage is completed, You can proceed to the final transaction stage. Signing the sale contract, after paying the stamp duty, making half the housing cost, the lawyer must file an application with the Cyprus Council of Ministers and obtain a permit. As a rule, this process is a mere formality, if this is the first real estate object bought in Cyprus and your name does not appear on Interpol's lists due to any legal problems.

Step 6 – Document registration

A perfect purchase must be registered in the district land department. A package of documents is collected and submitted by a lawyer. After registration, information about the purchased property is entered in the land registry. This serves as a confirmation of the ownership right until the title of the owner is obtained.

Step 7 – Completion of mutual settlements

After receiving approval for a VAT exemption, buying a primary property market (secondary housing is not subject to VAT), payment can be transferred directly to the seller account. At this stage, You, having entered into the possession right, get the keys to your own ready-made property. If the object is not done yet, it is recommended to use the ESCROW system, which most Cypriot lawyers will offer You. In this case, the amount of payment will be transferred to the seller gradually, as construction progresses.

Step 8 – Obtaining of the Title Deed

If the object is bought in the secondary market, it can be done immediately. Sellers of new and under construction real estate usually do not have titles yet, so the buyer will have to wait. At this time, the right to property will be confirmed by the sale contract, registered in the land department. The application for the title on behalf of the client is filed by a lawyer.

Step 9 – Setting a new life

After paying the transfer fee, the purchase procedure is completed, the most exciting stage begins – the stage of arrangement. At this step, You can also rely on the experience and knowledge of Prime Property Group specialists.

If You have any questions about how to buy a house in Cyprus, contact the specialists of Prime Property Group company. We will answer questions, help You dispel doubts, choose and purchase any property You like.

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