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What are some interesting travel guides in Cyprus? How to apply for a Cyprus visa ?

Cyprus, as an EU country with more than 340 days of sunshine throughout the year, is a new tourist attraction that loves natural and cultural landscapes and outdoor sports.

So what are the fun in Cyprus

About Cyprus travel strategy? I would like to recommend a few places that are most worth to visit:


Eros Rock, Cyprus


Eros Rock is located in the seaside city of Paphos in Cyprus, 25 kilometers from the city center, and is a world-famous tourist attraction. Legend has it that Venus, the god of love, was born in the foam of the sea nearby, so this group of rocks is called the Eros Rock. There is a popular saying in the local area that couples who do not have children pray to the god of love and they can get their wish. Therefore, every year, couples from all over the world who have no children come to Ai Shenyan to pray, hoping that they can get a child of their own.



Not only a commercial center with a dazzling array of shops, but also a place full of historical imprints. You can see the changes from the Middle Ages to the Ottoman Empire in Turkey from the historical relics, from the traces left by the British colonial period to the current modern city.

Pass through the four major areas of the upper city of Paphos, and visit various courtyards, Town Hall Square, Musala and Kennedy, neoclassical buildings (such as public library, Paphos Palace Hotel), various museums, and art galleries , Commercial streets and markets, religious monuments, and ancient landmarks such as the Ottoman baths established in 1592.

Troodos Mountains


If you come in winter, you must come to Troodos Mountain.

Troodos Mountain is the central mountain range of the island of Cyprus and the largest mountain range on the island. There is a national park with dense forests and deep valleys, narrow coastal plains to the south and west, and central lowlands to the north. The highest peak of the Troodos Mountains is Mount Olympus (Cyprus), which is 1,952 meters above sea level and has four ski slopes. It is a famous winter resort.

Larnaca Salt Lake


There is also a must-check stop in winter: Larnaca Salt Lake. Larnaca Salt Lake is composed of four salt lakes and is home to several migratory birds. In winter, many pink flamingos migrate here, forming a romantic pink landscape.


Nissi Beach


Nissi Beach is the preferred beach. Nissi Beach has a 500-meter stretch belt. The white sand and turquoise water perfectly blend in and is a favorite place for many water skiers, windsurfers and other water players.

Сyprus Museum


Cyprus has so many archaeological sites and museums everywhere, but the Cyprus Museum in the capital Nicosia is where you gather all the history of the island. The museum has been carefully planned, leading visitors from the Neolithic Age to the Ottoman Empire, using exquisite handicrafts to display the exquisite art of each period. The outstanding exhibit is a large number of terracotta warriors dating back to the 7th century BC. Even in coastal areas, people should definitely take a half-day trip to the capital to visit museums.

How to apply for a Cyprus visa?

Chinese citizens need to apply for a visa to travel to Cyprus, which can be applied at the Cyprus Embassy in China. However, here is a special mention about the visa issue of minors under the age of 18. Everyone knows that visa applications for bringing children into the EU are very strict. Cyprus is a member of the EU, so it also abides by the same regulations. Birth medical certificate, kinship of both parties and notarization of kinship permit. These three documents must be accompanied by an English translation and certified by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cyprus Embassy in China. This dual certification takes a long time, usually about one and a half months to two months! So please pay attention to this point to avoid delay in travel.

There are no direct flights from Shanghai to Cyprus. Tourists can transfer from Moscow, Vienna, Paris, Dubai and other places. About residence: You can find a local real estate company in Cyprus, such as Prime Real Estate. Prime Real Estate Company is a local real estate company in Cyprus. It has been operating for more than 10 years. The company's business covers four areas: real estate development, real estate brokerage, lease management, and investment immigration. No matter which city you are in in Cyprus, you will find your favorite accommodation in them. If you come to Cyprus and want to apply for permanent residence or naturalization, you can also consult Prime Real Estate Company, which can help you with tourism, settlement, housing investment, naturalization and other needs. If you want to know more about Cyprus travel information, or investment, permanent residence, naturalization and other related businesses, you can visit Prime Real Estate's official website in China to learn more, or Prime Contact them from the China Office of the Real Estate Company:

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