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Cyprus News

23 November 2020
How about real estate investment in Cyprus?
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It should be considered as one of the most suitable places for living, leisure and business. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the...
27 October 2020
What are the pros and cons of permanent immigration to Cyprus? How to apply for permanent residence immigration?
Because of its pleasant climate, developed economy, and sincere immigration policy, Cyprus has been increasingly recognized by international business people and young parents. How to live or immigrate...
19 October 2020
Is property in Cyprus worth investing in? How to obtain permanent residency through investment?
Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean, with a subtropical Mediterranean climate with more than 340 days of sunshine a year, with a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and a minimum temp...
12 October 2020
How is life in Cyprus? What are the advantages to immigrate to Cyprus?
Cyprus is an island country on the border of Europe and Asia, in the eastern Mediterranean, known as the "Island of Eros", the hometown of Venus. Many elites choose to immigrate to Cyprus not only b...
30 September 2020
What are some interesting travel guides in Cyprus? How to apply for a Cyprus visa ?
Cyprus, as an EU country with more than 340 days of sunshine throughout the year, is a new tourist attraction that loves natural and cultural landscapes and outdoor sports. So what are the fun in Cyp...
19 September 2020
Is Cyprus suitable for real estate investment and what are the risks?
Is Cyprus suitable for real estate investment and what are the risks? If you are looking for an attractive object for long-term investment, interested in obtaining European citizenship, or looking fo...
13 September 2020
Is It Safe to Travel to Cyprus? Is It suitable for tourism and immigration?
Cyprus has a favorable climate for life, picturesque landscapes and many attractions. Among the most famous ones are Fig Tree Bay and Konnos Beach. They rank first among the 25 World Best Beaches an...
09 September 2020
Where is Cyprus located?
Cyprus was ranked 18th out of 163 countries by Bloomberg Global Health and ranked by Le Monde as the most sought after region for private investment in 2020. Thus, in recent years, Cyprus has becom...
31 August 2020
Cyprus Investment Programme recent amendments
 On August 18, 2020, the Council of Ministers have adopted the amended regulations regarding the Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP). While the CIP remains the same in principle and structure and ...
31 August 2020
Properties for Sale in Cyprus
Cyprus has long been a popular destination of choice for those seeking comfort, sun, and safe family living. If you have ever found yourself dreaming of a holiday home in the sun now could be the perf...
26 August 2020
Cyprus Property Sales in the Face of Coronavirus
The ripple effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has been felt across the world and has been very challenging for the majority of the businesses - such as the real estate industry. Property sales in Cy...
28 July 2020
Cyprus has the cleanest beaches in Europe
The European Environment Agency (EEA) has ranked Cyprus as number one for the cleanest beaches in Europe. According to their report, 99.1% of Cypriot bathing waters are of excellent quality, specifica...
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ID: 6399
Сбор за перевод права собственности (единоразовый)
1445.7 € (1.57 %) один владелец
1380 € (1.50 %) два владельца
Гербовый сбор (единоразовый)
138 € (0.15%)
Налог на недвижимое имущество (ежегодный)
75 € (0.08 %)
Муниципальный налог (ежегодный)
250 €/год (0.27 %)
Стоимость юридического сопровождения (единоразовая)
736 € (0.8 %) — 920 € (1 %)

Более подробную информацию о налогах и сборах при покупке недвижимости на Кипре вы можете получить на нашей странице.

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