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  • 31.08.2015

    With reunification of Cyprus a major impediment to external investment funds entering Cyprus would be removed as the political uncertainty of a divided island, which is a deterrent to some investors would be considerably diminished. In-coming investment would enable development of the island and the necessary additional infrastructure, which the banking system currently lacks the liquidity to facilitate, by funding the development of important regional services in the fields of education, sports tourism and medical services, as well as tourism based around the cruise industry and as a global shipping and distribution hub in the region.  Cyprus could attract business from both east and west because of its strategic geographical position and membership of the European Union (E.U.) plus the friendly relationships it maintains within the E.U., the Middle East and Russia. The importance of an agreement and the benefits being fully inclusive of all Cypriot communities and the many ex-patriot citizens now resident on the island for many years is of prime concern. Some of this group have acquired Cyprus citizenship via the government’s Investment Citizenship scheme.


  • 26.08.2015

    As part of the programme to improve the Cypriot tax system and to expand investment from both the local and international business community, the government has proposed a major tax reform to exempt certain parties from capital gains. Most of the bills related to the reforms have already been voted into law by The House of Representatives in July 2015, whilst other parts are due to be reviewed by The House of Representatives in September 2015. The new law provides for exemption from Capital Gains Tax on any gains made on the disposal of property in Cyprus acquired from the start date of the new law until the 31st December 2016. In addition to this, transfers of immovable property until the 31st December 2016 will attract a fifty percent reduction of transfer fees which are normally paid to The Land Registry.

  • 17.08.2015

    The annual Cyprus Wine Festival first established in 1961 will take place between August 28th and 7th September 2015 at the usual venue in Limassol’s Municipal Gardens which is opposite the beachfront.  The festival gives the growing number of small wineries to be found on the island, plus the big producers such as Etko, Keo, Loel and Sodap an opportunity to promote their products with wine tastings galore for all visitors.  More than 15,000 tourists alone are expected to attend the event which opens at 19.00 hours each evening. The wine festival is also popular with local people and all may enjoy the singing and dancing, wine and food that will be available each evening. The entry price of 6 euros for an adult includes a free bottle of wine, whilst the additional purchase of a wine glass, available upon entry, will allow each purchaser to sample plenty of wines as they visit the various winery stands. An ever popular exhibit is the traditional grape treading, where members of the public have the opportunity to take off their shoes and tread grapes in the time honoured fashion as they dance to the sound of traditional Cypriot music. A shuttle service will operate from the local hotels so that guests may enjoy a carefree experience.

  • 15.08.2015

    With an amazing 26 five star hotels dotted about the island offering 12,040 rooms, Cyprus, in proportion to hotel accommodation than any other European country according to the chairman of the Cyprus Tourist Organisation Mr Angelos Loizou. A further combined total of 37,707 hotel rooms of three and four star grade are also available enabling Cyprus to attract high quality tourism and offer a great variety of different tourist experiences all year round and due in part to the Mediterranean climate.  Mr Loizou added that the Cypriot tourist infrastructure is recognised as being superior to other comparable tourist destinations by tour operatives, according to their surveys. There is also an abundance of other types of accommodation on offer including self-catering apartments and villas, guest houses, camping and agro-tourism such as found in some coastal and mountain villages like Kakopetria in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and Tochni village situated within easy driving distance of Governors Beach.  Visitors may take part in numerous activities such as halloumi cheese making, climbing, walking trails and cycling to name but a few. In the season Cyprus also offers skiing in the Troodos Mountains.

  • 12.08.2015

    Cyprus is an island of beautiful, sandy beaches, fifty seven of which have been awarded the Blue Flag, an exclusive eco-symbol. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Cyprus ranks in the top ten of the EU Blue Flag beaches for the past ten years. The Blue Flag is only awarded to beaches with high environmental quality standards. It aids the local authorities and the private sector to keep a focus on quality and cleanliness of the highest degree. To this end, there has been a program set up called: “Sea 2014-2020” in order to rejuvenate coastal areas, to protect wildlife and construct artificial coral reefs.

  • 27.07.2015

    In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the current public bus system, Mr Marios Demetriades, the transport minister, granted a free day’s travel throughout the island to all passengers last Friday. He participated in the celebration himself by taking a bus ride between his home in the outskirts, and Nicosia.  He had made the same journey on other occasions he said, and that it would not be the last time he did so.  It is hoped to improve what is on offer and encourage more usage overall. Mr Demetriades said that the government will either lease or buy 100 small sized buses which will be operated and maintained by the companies who currently operate on the bus routes, and also for the purpose of creating greater diversity of bus routes, replacing old dysfunctional buses and upping the frequency of buses where there was demand. Mr Demetriades acknowledged that there was room for improvements and the department was making every effort to realise their goals for the system.