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Prime Property Group is one of the most prestigious and experienced property specialists dealinig exclusively in the Limassol region.

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To be better! Not just better than any other property company, but better than we ourselves were yesterday. Better, through the respect and integrity shown towards our clients.


Useful information

  • Property sales have been increasing during the last six months.


    The total number of property sales in most districts of Cyprus has been increasing steadily since the beginning of 2014. During the period from January to June of this year, it has increased by 34% compared to the same period of 2013. Though in Paphos, sales have dropped by 7% but they are very likely to recover soon.

  • The new repossessions law is needed to tackle the issue of mounting NPLs.


    It is worth reminding that the troika`s fifth progress review mission that has been under way since July 14 is scheduled be concluded by July 25. This time the international lenders of Cyprus have managed to inject a sense of urgency into Cyprus authorities, according to Attorney-general Costas Cleridis. After his meeting with the troika mission heads, he said that they made a precondition for concluding their fifth review of the Cyprus adjustment programme.

  • The aim is to attract 3.5 million tourists a year.


     Last year 2.4 million tourists visited Cyprus, which was less than in the previous year by 2.4%. However, Cyprus authorities and all the tourism organisations on the island believe the increase of tourist arrivals from 2.5 million to 3.5 million to be achievable in the near future. In order to make such a significant growth in tourist arrivals reality over the next five years, all those involved in the tourism sector have to focus on a three-fold plan, said the head of the Cyprus Hoteliers Association Zacharias Ioannides.

  • The CTO`s aim is to keep its tourist product competitive.


    In an effort to combat profiteering and keep its tourist product competitive, the CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organisation) has launched a pricelist for 157 coastal hotels and restaurants. The pricelist showing recommended prices for water, coffee and food can be already found online, but its English version will be released in a few days.