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  • 26.05.2015

    At a recent meeting of the Cyprus Hotel Association, attended by Mr Angelos Loizou, Chairman of the Cyprus Tourist Organisation (C.T.O), it was noted that there was an increase of tourism from the traditional markets such as the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Germany. New markets in France, Israel and Poland are also opening up, and are expected to increase over the forthcoming summer season. According to the statistics so far for 2015, the tourism sector is “on track” said Mr Loizou.

  • 11.05.2015

    According to the relevant statistics, property sales increased 18 percent year-on year in Jan-Apr, 2015 when compared to Jan-Apr, 2014.

    Property sales volumes rose 23 percent in April, 2015 compared to April, 2014. Although sales fell in Famagusta, they went up in all other districts. According to real estate specialists, property sales are expected to continue growing due to the effects of the new foreclosure law, which makes people sell their properties in order to be able to repay their loans. 

  • 07.05.2015

    Cyprus, which is a member state of the EU, is developing in line with the EU Sustainable Development Strategy, using renewable sources of energy, implementing energy efficiency projects and building ecovillages. Here are three recent examples of sustainable development in Cyprus.

  • 02.05.2015

    The victory of a moderate in presidential election in the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” has once again raised hopes of finding a solution to the Cyprus problem. Campaigning on a platform of peace, Mustafa Akinci promised Turkish Cypriots to end more than 40 years of division on the island. Having elected Akinci as their leader, Turkish Cypriots have expressed their wish to end their isolation in the world.  Mustafa Akinci was a founder of the Peace and Democracy Movement, which promoted reunification based on the Kofi Annan plan. In 2004, Nicos Anastasiades was also in favour of reunification, but the majority of Greek Cypriots voted against it. Today the two leaders of two communities in Cyprus seem to be equally committed to peace. Can the Cyprus problem be resolved after four decades of division on the island?

  • 27.04.2015

    Another important step toward recovery of the Cyprus economy was taken at the beginning of April when all remaining capital controls were lifted and free circulation of capital was restored. Not long before that, the Cyprus economy`s outlook had been revised by S&P`s, the rating agency, from “stable” to “positive”. The IMF report on the world economic situation, which was released on April 14, predicts that the Cypriot economy will start growing this year. As Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said at the meeting of Eurozone finance ministers on April 24, Cyprus is climbing out of recession. 

  • 23.04.2015

    It is a well - known fact that the tourism sector is a biggest contributor to the Cyprus economy. According to CTO board chairman Angelos Loizou, (Cyprus Tourism Organization), it accounts for 11.4% of the country`s GDP. The Cypriot economy heavily relies on tourism. That is why recent decline in numbers of Russian visitors to Cyprus due to Russia`s financial troubles was expected to have a negative impact on the Cyprus economy. The good news is that the blow doesn`t seem to be as hard as it was anticipated at the beginning of the year.