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  • Cyprus and Russia have “an ongoing and steady business relationship,” said Anastasiades.


    In his address to the seminar “The future of Cyprus for Russian business,” which was held in Nicosia on September 18, President Nicos Anastasiades said that the seminar would contribute to strengthening business ties between Russia and Cyprus. He expressed his belief that all the efforts of his Government to consolidate and reform the economy would result in further economic improvement. In President`s opinion, the prospects for the island look “extremely promising.”

  • Property sales in Cyprus continue to increase.


    In August 2014, property sales across Cyprus went up for the sixth consecutive month compared to August last year. The number of contracts that were deposited at Land Registry offices across Cyprus reached 355. In August last year, there were only 266 such contracts. In percentage terms, it was a substantial increase of 25.9%.

  • Hydrocarbons are a blessing for Cyprus.


    On September 10, the Mediterranean Institute of Hydrocarbons Technology (MIHT) and the University of Nicosia signed an agreement for educational and training cooperation on hydrocarbons. A comprehensive training programme has been designed to enhance education and training of the future management staff for the exploitation and research in the field of hydrocarbons. It is worth noting that the MIHT is located in Cyprus. This Institute promotes technology of hydrocarbons not only on the island itself but also in other countries of the Mediterranean region and Middle East.

  • New renewable energy technology is being introduced to Cyprus.


    The fact that the “Lloyd`s System” is being introduced to the island is very good news because this very advanced technology can produce cheap and clean electricity using solar power. Besides that, it can produce electricity on demand, 24 hours a day because it is capable of collecting and storing solar power. In comparison with other renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic and wind energy, “Lloyd`s System” has many advantages, said Andreas Ioannou, CEO of the Alfa Mediterranean Enterprises Ltd.

  • The Cyprus government aims to computerise all sectors of the economy.


    The action plan Digital Strategy Cyprus has recently been approved by the Cabinet. The plan, which covers the period of three years from 2015 to 2017, involves the full computerisation of the public sector, the education system, hospitals, health centres and all municipalities.

  • In August, the number of unemployed decreased.


    According to data released on Wednesday by the Cyprus Statistical Service, at the end of August 2014, the District Labour Offices had registered 45.583 jobless people. This number was less by 5.9% than in August of the previous year. In quantitative terms, there were 2,868 less unemployed persons recorded in different sectors of the economy this August than in August 2013.