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  • The first indoor skate park in Larnaca has opened its doors.


    The official opening of the skate park “LarnaCan Indoor sk8 Arena” took place on 18th October. All present at the event had the opportunity to enjoy demonstrations from pro-skaters and then try out the facilities themselves. Having been envisaged by its creator Savvinos Paraskeva from an early age, the new park has turned out to be an innovative venture.

  • Paphos promotes itself as a casino resort location.


    In September, Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, Commerce and Tourism Minister, said that he hoped that by the end of the autumn, the House would have voted in legislation giving official approval for the creation of the first casino in Cyprus. After that, according to the state`s plan, the tender process will begin. Then the chosen operator who gets the casino licence will have to select the casino`s location.

  • WiFi might become free for every internet user in Cyprus around Christmas time.


    Addressing the media after the committee meeting on September 14, the chairman of the House Commerce Committee Lefteris Christoforou said that free WiFi will soon be a reality. He said that offering free WiFi to all residents of Cyprus, even in remote communities, will help promote digital technology, and the country could potentially become a pioneer in the field.

  • Property sales in Cyprus have been on the rise since March.


    Property sales across Cyprus started to climb in March. During the nine-month period of 2014, they increased significantly-by 24% in comparison with the same period of 2013. In quantitative terms, the number of sales has grown from 2,684 to 3,328. Sales in Nicosia increased by 16%, in LImassol-by 50%, in Famagusta-by 37%, in Larnaca-by 24%, in Paphos-by 4.2%.

  • American billionaire Wilbur Ross is confident in the Cypriot economy.


    Having raised €400 m for the recent €1b capital increase by the Bank of Cyprus, the billionaire investor Wilbur Ross believes that he has acquired “special rights” on the Cypriot economy. According to the Forbes magazine`s recent report, Ross has a net worth of $2.9 b.

  • Larnaca Ancient City and Modern Developments.


    Larnaca has recently been included in the list of the 20 oldest cities in the world that are still inhabited today. Compiled by the UK newspaper The Telegraph, the list also includes Jericho in the Palestinian Territories, Damascus and Aleppo in Syria, Byblos in Lebanon, and Susa in Iran amongst others. According to the article on the news website, the first inhabitants settled in Larnaca in 1,400 BC. Fortunately, Larnaca is one of the cities from the list that is currently able to welcome visitors from around the world.