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  • 18.12.2014

    As it had been expected, Disy, Diko and Evroko have voted in favour of the budget, while Akel, Edek the Green Party and the Citizens` Alliance have voted against. The budget provides for revenues of €5.9 billion and expenditure amounting to €6.6 billion, increased by 0.4% compared to 2014.

  • 14.12.2014

    Having been approved by Cabinet on December 10, the legislation to regulate the operation of casinos in Cyprus has yet to be further discussed in Parliament. If it gets Parliament`s approval in the next few months, the first casino in Cyprus might be created as soon as next year.

  • 10.12.2014

    It must be remembered that in March 2013, the banking sector of Cyprus was on the brink of collapse, and the government had to impose strict controls on capital flows in order to avoid the inevitable run on the banks. The imposition of capital controls was an unprecedented measure that had never been taken before in a country of the euro zone. Having diminished the risk of the lack of substantial liquidity by imposing those restrictions, the authorities have managed to keep the banking system out of danger of losing its viability and then gradually stabilise it.

  • 08.12.2014

    Offering a vast choice of accommodation, Limassol keeps receiving positive feedback from the members of TripAdvisor year-on-year. In fact, the city has become so popular among more than 32 million registered members of this web-based travel community that it has been recently evaluated as one of the top ten “upcoming” destinations in the whole world. In the TripAdvisor`s list “Top ten Traveller’s Choice Destinations on the Rise,” Limassol is named № 3 destination after Da Nang (Vietnam) and Sihanoukville (Cambodia). All ten locations on the list had been receiving great interest from the site`s members for years. Among those selected locations is also Kazan (Russia), Eilat (Israel) and Bodrum City (Turkey).

  • 02.12.2014

    The new oil products storage terminal at Vasiliko starts operating in several weeks time. The first stage of construction of a huge oil products storage terminal at Vasiliko has been successfully completed. The terminal comprising 28 storage tanks of a total storage capacity of nearly 545,000 cubic meters and a marine jetty is to be fully operational within several weeks time. The capacity of the terminal will be increased up to 848,000 cubic meters during the second stage of construction which will begin sometime around the middle of the next year and is planned to be completed in 2016.

  • 28.11.2014

    Though the two main ethnic communities of Cypriots have been divided since a 1974 conflict, they haven`t still stopped hoping for a reunification of Cyprus. During the long forty-year period, Greek and Turkish Cypriots have tried to keep the peace process moving. But all those sporadic attempts to find a common ground between them have come to nothing so far, and the UN still has to continue monitoring the ceasefire between the two sides.